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Art from Sweden by

Tommy Tallstig









made in oil
on canvas
with some
in Sthlm.


Lou reed, Iggy Pop, God, Tom Alandh, Jesus Christ, John Holm,  Skeppsholmen,  Millwall FC, Hammarby IF, Sebastian Stakset, Ian Dury, John Lennon, Anton, Felicia, Troy, Aspudden, Mikaelstorpet, Paulus, Johannes, Ry Cooder, JJ Cale, Chocolet, Cuba, Fidel, Che, The, Cornelis Vreeswijk, Pugh Rogefeldt, Dalarna, Bill Wilson, Dr Bob, Dr Robert Fors, Manny Pacquiao,  Sex Pistols, The holy bible, Thomas DiLeva, Audi A4, bicycle, grilled beef, vegetables, sweet potatoe, Habana, Skeppsholmen, Vincent van Gogh, Salvador Dali, Christmas, Holiday, spirituality, boxing, streching, smoothies, blueberry, Trollberget, Dan Andersson, mom, Jimi Hendrix, Buena Vista Social Club, Hammarby boxing club, sunshine, autum, summer, Jack Bruce, August Strindberg, Roy Andersson, winter, Recovery, friendship, Johnny Cash, family, Anders Burman, Metronom records, Wood, Chorizo, Bruce Springsteen, GPS, painting, electric guitars, acoustic guitars, canvas, lessebo aquarellepaper, Clas Ohlson, Biltema, gym, Beatles, vinyl records, Jose Feliciano, Stampens blues evenings, Stockholms AIF boxing gym, love, sponsorship, good dentists, good doctors, etc...


billy gibbons
Billy Gibbons woodart by Tommy Tallstig.

More portraits made of wood





The recognized artist Tommy Tallstig exhibits some of his beautiful
and original paintings and works in wood.
Tommy Tallstig lives and works in the Swedish capital Stockholm.
He is self-taught and has been developing for a few decades.
He is most inspired by good music, muscle cars and everything else that makes life good.

A walk in Stockholm
A walk in Stockholm.
Watercolour by Tommy Tallstig.


Read about the exhibition "Heroes in southside Stockholm".

"Heroes at Soeder" is an art exhibition made by Tommy Tallstig.
Painted in oil on canvas.
"Soeder" is a district in the Swedish capital Stockholm. Previously,
it was a distinct working-class district where the poor "Stockholmers" lived.
Nowadays it is largely gentrified and inhabited mostly by the middle class
and some really rich.

The poor can often not afford to stay with today's market-adjusted prices.
But some of the bohemian remains and it is a good place on earth in many respects.
There are still many art galleries and some great music venues.

Some people have gilded "Soeder" extra much with their art, their music,
their personalities over the years. Some of them are celebrities to varying degrees,
some are world famous on "Soeder" but not outside "Soeder" borders.

Tommy has honored some of these people with his exhibition.
It is made with heart and respect for these extraordinary people who played,
sang, preached, joked, cooked, begged for money, told stories, created meeting
places, were drunk, were sober, snatched girls in front of the noses of others,
wrote books, shone and excelled, lent his personality, wrote songs, took to the stage,
dared to have his own style, showed that you can do things, get someone anywhere,
cried and screamed, entertained on the subway late at night ......


"Heroes at Soeder"



More art of wood by Tommy Tallstig.

hjältar på söder



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